DSCB Self-Harm Action Plan

DSCB Self-Harm Devon

As a result of the in-depth review by the Devon Safeguarding Children Board into the issue of self-harm, the Board has now published an action plan to help tackle self-harm in Devon.

The action plan details objectives to be completed by partner agencies over the coming months, in order to help reduce the number of young people who self-harm, as well as improving access to services and support.

Key actions include:

  • Provide training and advice for children and young people to act as peer support for other young people who self-harm
  • Up skill professionals working with children and young people, enabling them to communicate with well and handle difficult conversations
  • Training for workers to help manage risky behavior and identify underlying causes of self-harm
  • Develop a crisis management system to respond to upward demand and ensuring psychiatric risk assessment within 24 hours
  • More accessibility to support, including out of hours
  • Self-harm protocol to establish responsibilities for all partner agencies when a child is placed on a children’s ward for self-harm behavior
  • Revised escalation policy

Read the full action plan here or download the self-harm awareness raising poster for your office or organisation.