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DCFP Safeguarding Training Magazine – July 2018

Event Information:

  • Fri

    Interagency Introduction to Safeguarding & Child Protection (Group 3 Core)

    09:30 - 16:30ETS House, Exeter
    DSCB training, Group 3 Core

    Target Group

    This course is suitable for staff and volunteers who work with children, young people, families and parents or carers where they are in a position to identify signs of child abuse or neglect and who may then be asked to contribute to assessing, planning or intervening and reviewing the needs of the child and parenting capacity where there are safeguarding concerns.

    NB Group 2 - Safeguarding Children & Young People must be completed before attending this course or you must have attended your own agency equivalent within the last 3 years. A copy of the certificate should be taken to the Group 3 Core - Interagency Introduction to Safeguarding and Child Protection Training.

    Early Years
    This course can be completed by any member of staff in an early years setting and will be funded by Early Years.  Any queries ring your Early Years and Childcare Adviser.

    Training Objectives

    At the end of the course delegates will be able to:-

    • Recognise the basic signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect
    • Describe the signs of sexual, physical, emotional abuse and neglect
    • State the factors which increase a child/young person’s vulnerability to harm
    • Know how and to whom to report concerns
    • Share information as appropriate
    • Accurately document, record and report concerns
    • Contribute to inter-agency assessments, the gathering and sharing of information and where appropriate the assessment of risk
    • Work with children/young people and families where safeguarding concerns have been identified
    • Communicate effectively with children/young people and parents/carers

    Suggested Frequency

    • To be completed ONCE by all staff/volunteers, thereafter staff/volunteers to complete a minimum of 1 x Group 3 Refresher course every 3 years (every 2 years for staff/volunteers working in Education)NB It is not recommended that you  simply repeat Group 3 Core Interagency Child Protection Training as a means of renewing your safeguarding training

    Event Description

    This course consists of 3 parts:

    1. The Group 2 e-learning package
    2. Reading in the form of a Safeguarding magazine which contains short articles about a wide range of basic information
    3. Attendance at a one day face to face course.

    This is a one day, multi-agency, face to face course that uses drama, as well as a number of other activities, to illustrate a range of situations which may commonly be encountered in work with families. The drama is performed by actors. Course delegates, with the support of members of the DSCB College of Trainers, are then offered the opportunity to influence the outcomes of the scenarios. It explores the impact that parental issues such as domestic abuse, parental substance misuse and mental ill health can have on parenting capacity. Time is spent on considering the skills needed to work effectively with families, particularly in relation to addressing the issues of lack of co-operation or superficial compliance and emphasis is placed on the need to retain a focus on the life and experience of the child as well as developing the necessary skills to ensure effective multi-agency working. Delegates will use the Threshold Tool to ensure effective enquiries are made to MASH. Course materials draw on research and Serious Case Reviews, both local and national.

    All staff working with children will fall into one or more of the groups below:

    Group 1 Staff in infrequent contact with children and/or parents/carers who may become aware of abuse or neglect

    Group 2 Staff in regular, or periods of intense, contact with children and/or parents/carers who may identify concerns about the maltreatment of children and be part of Early Help activities

    Group 3 Staff who work predominantly with children and/or parents/carers who contribute to assessments, planning, intervention and reviewing of needs and may be part of Early Help through to Child in Need activities

    Group 4 Staff with particular responsibility for children subject to Section 47. or Children in Need

    Group 5 Professional advisers, including designated safeguarding leads

    Group 6 Operations managers at all levels, including those managing child protection units

    Group 7 Senior managers responsible for strategic management of services

    Group 8 Members of LSCBs, including members of sub-and working groups of LSCBs.

    Funding/Cancellation Policy

    You must have the agreement of your manager or funding agency to attend this course, unless you wish to attend in a self-funding capacity. Please note that if payment is not received for delegates from non-partner agencies 1 month before the course is due to run your place may be cancelled.

    Please make yourself aware of the cancellation policy before booking a place as cancellations with less than 4 week's notice from the course date will incur a charge unless a substitute is found.

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